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"Imagination is everything. It's the preview of life's coming attractions." - Albert Einstein My goal for Victory Grips is to take something that is ordinary and make it extraordinary. Nike did this with athletic shoes and OXO did it with ordinary housewares. I want to do the same with gymnastics grips for functional fitness and make you say: "Wow! This is how grips should perform and they look bad ass too!" With that being said, I have only just begun and...
I came across a discussion on Reddit about grips with a person asking for feedback about Victory Grips. There was some good dialogue and I chimed in to provide some objective information, which I feel is a good overview of the grips.  The following is the question posted and then my feedback. You can find and participate in the discussion here: Victory Grips self.crossfit Submitted 2 days ago by Paragon416 Has anyone used them? Their had been a lot of pull-ups and T2B...
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