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It is likely that we will see gymnastics movements in Open workout 20.5. Here are key performance points focusing on body positioning, set size, and movement variation that will help you excel. Good luck! BODY POSITION• Stay long and tight for fast smooth movement. SET SIZE• With high volume reps keep sets small with short rest. Do not execute long sets with long rest.• Shorter sets prevent your hands from getting too hot. BAR MUSCLE-UP VARIATIONS• Straight up and down for higher cycle...
PULL-UP WARM-UP: How many times have you warmed up for kipping pull-ups by jumping on the bar and doing a set? Your warm-up for any exercise should be specific and progressive addressing the elasticity of the tissues and the firing of the neuro system while increasing blood circulation. Whether you are about to do an exercise under load or a body weight gymnastics movement your warm-up should be guided by these principles. 
Kipping pull-ups, when done with proper form should feel smooth and rhythmic. The technique described by @katibreazeal will also allow you to transition efficiently into either bar muscle ups or butterfly pull-ups within a complex without coming off the bar or losing rhythm. If all you do is butterfly pull-ups, try going back to the standard kipping pull-up from time to time. You will be surprised at how the recruitment from the lats is much more with the kipping pull-up versus the...
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