Our Difference

Victory Grips is the result of an ongoing collaboration with athletes of all levels. To understand the capability of the grips is to understand the details of the patented design. (Patent # US9643073)

Performance Designed to provide a tight grip and maximum torque
Protection Coverage for the specific areas of vulnerability on your hand and wrist
Durability Carefully chosen materials and one-piece design to ensure maximum strength
About The Founder

Victor Pellegrino combined his background in competitive gymnastics, functional fitness and design to create Victory Grips. As a former CrossFit affiliate owner, coach and athlete Victor understands the needs of everyday athletes and the elite competitor. As a gymnast he knows how gymnastics grips should function. As a designer Victor brings all the elements together to design gymnastics grips that function seamlessly within the demands of competitive functional fitness. Victor proudly served in the United States Marine Corp, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Fitness from Florida State University and masters in Design Management from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).


Emily Bridgers
Tennil Reed
Marcus Filly
Brista Mayfield
James Lancaster
Bjork Odinsdottir
Haley Adams
Elijah Muhammad
Cheryl Brost
Scott Panchik
Breona Evans
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