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History of the Stealth & X2 – Why we have them in our line-up Prior to coming out with the Stealth the only material we carried was leather. Leather is a great material for grips, but it is not perfect and not for everyone. We were getting a many requests from vegan athletes for grips made from non-animal based materials. Additionally, leather has inconsistencies because it is a natural material; it’s cow skin. The inconsistencies of leather include variations in...
The two main features of this video are breaking in the Stealth grips and how to grip a bar correctly. The Stealth grips are made of a high-performance microfiber. Breaking up the fibers before is important to get maximum friction/grip. Remember to do this on the wrist portion before doing false grip work. The easiest way is to take a grip brush to the material. You can also rub the grips on the knurling of an Olympic bar.  Notice the...
Your grips will get nasty as you know. No need to live with funk. Put them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle or hand wash them. Let them hang dry. The top left is before washing. The bottom right is after, chalked up ready to go. There is no effect on size nor performance from washing. 
Our leather and STEALTH grips have very comparable grippy-ness on the bar. The deciding factor comes down to problems you are trying to solve and the way you want your grips to behave. STEALTH grips are made of a high-performance microfiber that is 3 times stronger and lighter than leather with a higher abrasion resistance. Therefore, we are able to make these grips thinner than leather providing a barehanded natural feel and full protection. The STEALTH grips will not stretch...
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