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CrossFit Gymnastics Grips - What's Next?

by Victor Pellegrino on June 27, 2016

"Imagination is everything. It's the preview of life's coming attractions." - Albert Einstein

My goal for Victory Grips is to take something that is ordinary and make it extraordinary. Nike did this with athletic shoes and OXO did it with ordinary housewares. I want to do the same with gymnastics grips for functional fitness and make you say: "Wow! This is how grips should perform and they look bad ass too!"

With that being said, I have only just begun and I need your help. Over the course of three years I came up with the current design of Victory Grips. Now, I ask myself what is the next step? What is the next innovation or opportunity? This is where I want to begin the conversation with all of you to get your input on what you want or would like to see with new products or features as to give you the best performance and protection for your hands and wrists in our Sport of Fitness. 

Here are some questions I would like your feedback on. 

  • What is being missed when it comes to the hand and wrist gear in CrossFit?
  • What do you want from grips when it comes to: Rings? Bar? Rope?
  • Do you think there could be one grip that works for everything? Or, is there room to have grips that are specific to each apparatus? (Keep in mind that we don't compete any one apparatus in isolation except for Olympic lifts; but, we may train a specific apparatus in training. For example, rings in order to get a specific skill.)
  • What could be improved with wrist support?
  • What are the general qualities you want from grips and wrist support?



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