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I want to tell the story of how Victory Grips came into being. The reason why I am doing this is for a few of reasons. First, is to share a personal story with anyone who may be interested. Second is to provide myself a reminder to be grateful of how far I have come and to those who helped me along the way. And third, a perspective of how I want the story to continue.  So...Me and my buddy, Justin, were drinking...
"Imagination is everything. It's the preview of life's coming attractions." - Albert Einstein My goal for Victory Grips is to take something that is ordinary and make it extraordinary. Nike did this with athletic shoes and OXO did it with ordinary housewares. I want to do the same with gymnastics grips for functional fitness and make you say: "Wow! This is how grips should perform and they look bad ass too!" With that being said, I have only just begun and...
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