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  Link to review on garagegymreviews.com After researching nearly 25 Gymnastic Grips and legitimately testing 8 of them over the course of 35 workouts, we've determined that the best Gymnastic Grips for CrossFit currently available are the Leather 3-Finger Gymnastic Grips by Victory Grips.   Our pick The 3-Finger Leather Victory Grips are one of the most popular gymnastic grips in the world of CrossFit today. The founder Victor has spent more time refining and creating the best possible gymnastic grips available than...
Generally, I really hate grips. I want to love them because my dainty little hands rip all the time (which is why I was particularly excited to try Victory Grips.) Despite all the callus shavers and Vitamin E oil in the world, I still rip constantly. I ripped on my third CrossFit class ever. I ripped on the the first reps of the first event of 2015 Regionals. I ripped last week. Consequently, I’ve tired every grip in existence — Rogue grips, Natural...
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