The changes to the CrossFit Games continues to be NEW news with updates that continue to be released. But, for all that information we recommend you watch ArmenHammerTV to catch up with all the latest and greatest details. What we want to share with you is what our athletes think of the changes and what it means for their future in CrossFit. Will anything change specifically in their training? Will they focus on specific sanctioned events? Will they continue to complete?...
This BAR MUSCLE UP TRANSITION PROGRESSION is great skill training modality to learn the proper movement pattern and build the strength. It can also be easily integrated into a workout so that you or your athletes can also get a feel for the stimulus as the workout is prescribed. 
PULL-UP WARM-UP: How many times have you warmed up for kipping pull-ups by jumping on the bar and doing a set? Your warm-up for any exercise should be specific and progressive addressing the elasticity of the tissues and the firing of the neuro system while increasing blood circulation. Whether you are about to do an exercise under load or a body weight gymnastics movement your warm-up should be guided by these principles.