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Kipping pull-ups, when done with proper form should feel smooth and rhythmic. The technique described by @katibreazeal will also allow you to transition efficiently into either bar muscle ups or butterfly pull-ups within a complex without coming off the bar or losing rhythm. If all you do is butterfly pull-ups, try going back to the standard kipping pull-up from time to time. You will be surprised at how the recruitment from the lats is much more with the kipping pull-up versus the...
One of the techniques to begin learning new movements on the bars is using a beat swings. Beat swings done with proper body positioning help establish the rhythm of the movement establishing a foundation. Once the beat swing is mastered the next step is slowly introducing progressions within the rhythm that lead up to the full execution of the skill. In this video, @katibreazeal provides this coaching technique to learning kipping toes to bar. When done correctly the TTB looks effortless. It...
The main focus of Victory Grips is to be a true gymnastics brand within the functional fitness industry. Our goal is to help athletes perform gymnastics skills with power and efficiency. To achieve our mission Victory Grips has teamed up with Kati Breazeal of Breazeal Gymnastics to bring you weekly gymnastics instructional video content. Kati is an accomplished elite gymnast, instructor and experienced videographer making her the perfect person to collaborate with. The videos will be posted every Wednesday morning on Victory...
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