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WEARING THE GRIPS: There is a technique to wearing grips correctly. Many people do not know the this unless they were a gymnast at one point. Therefore, at first impression, the grips may appear too big despite sizing correctly. Swipe through the photos to see a detailed explanation to understand this technique and what to expect the grips should look and feel like when wearing them.  ALL of our grips are designed to be worn up on the wrist snug against...
The forces of gymnastics movements on bars and rings cause the grips to pull against the bottom sides of the palm. This can be uncomfortable especially with leather grips. This is the reason why it is a standard practice amongst competitive gymnasts to wear wristbands underneath their grips. The wristbands not only make the grips more comfortable, they also help with sweat which reduces slipping and preserves the integrity of the leather. You can find wristbands at victorygrips.com.
Your grips will get nasty as you know. No need to live with funk. Put them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle or hand wash them. Let them hang dry. The top left is before washing. The bottom right is after, chalked up ready to go. There is no effect on size nor performance from washing. 
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