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We have grips in four different styles and four different materials for two main reasons. The first reason is that there is not a universal style nor material that suits everyone. Second, there is not a universal style nor material that is best for every skill, workout, bar type, and environmental condition. Having more than one style of grips with back-ups at your disposal is about being prepared. If you are serious about the time you spend training and desire...
Did you know there is a correct way to grip the pull-up bar to maximize your performance?
WRAPPING YOUR THUMBS AROUND THE BAR - A big benefit of wrapping your thumbs is that it helps increase activation of the pulling muscle especially the lats. In a bar muscle the power comes from (besides your hips) the lats as shoulder extension drives you up and over the bar. Additionally, wrapping your thumbs is the safer way to grip.
The two main features of this video are breaking in the Stealth grips and how to grip a bar correctly. The Stealth grips are made of a high-performance microfiber. Breaking up the fibers before is important to get maximum friction/grip. Remember to do this on the wrist portion before doing false grip work. The easiest way is to take a grip brush to the material. You can also rub the grips on the knurling of an Olympic bar.  Notice the...
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