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A variety of materials to choose from.


A natural feel that is better than bare.


  • Maximum grip
  • Very thin with barehanded feel
    (thickness 1.7mm)
  • Breathable and handles sweat well
  • Synthetic material, No stretching
  • Washable & Vegan friendly
  • Available in Freedom, 4-Finger, 3-Finger, and 2-Finger styles

Stealth X

All of the features of our STEALTH material, but a cushier feel comparable to leather.


All of the benefits of STEALTH plus

  • Extra cushion
  • Extra compression
    (compresses from 2.5mm to 1.7mm)
  • Extra comfort
  • Extra protection
  • Available in 4-Finger, 3-Finger, and 2-Finger styles


The leather is carefully chosen to have proper texture and thickness to ensure comfort, protection,
and performance from the first use.


  • Maximum grip
  • Thicker with cushier feel
    (avg. thickness 2.2mm; thickness varies due to being a natural material)
  • Leather will stretch about 1/2 inch over time
  • Assortment of colors
    (tan, black, red, blue, pink, purple)
  • Available in 4-Finger and 3-Finger styles