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David Bradley is the fittest 15-year-old in the world. We had a chance to ask him some questions about his experience. How does it feel to be the fittest 15-year-old in the world? It is still sinking in, but it feels great! Two years ago, I set a goal to compete at the CrossFit Games and made sure to surround myself with people that had the same vision as I did and expertise needed to get me there. The work...
Keep your body weight directly underneath the rings so you have total control.
Use a box to help with the transition on the ring muscle-up. This allows you to train different grips as well.
This drill will help you feel the transition while allowing you to adjust the difficulty with various band thicknesses.
Kip swings, hip pop, hips to rings, and the transition should be perfect on their own before you put it all together.