HEADSTANDS BASICS for HSPU: If you want to have efficient handstand push-ups, especially freestanding, make sure you have a solid headstand. This is essentially like being able to have a solid foundation at the bottom of a squat. Learning control in all aspects of the movement will lead to more reps and speed.
WRAPPING YOUR THUMBS AROUND THE BAR - A big benefit of wrapping your thumbs is that it helps increase activation of the pulling muscle especially the lats. In a bar muscle the power comes from (besides your hips) the lats as shoulder extension drives you up and over the bar. Additionally, wrapping your thumbs is the safer way to grip.
WEARING THE GRIPS: There is a technique to wearing grips correctly. Many people do not know the this unless they were a gymnast at one point. Therefore, at first impression, the grips may appear too big despite sizing correctly. Swipe through the photos to see a detailed explanation to understand this technique and what to expect the grips should look and feel like when wearing them.  ALL of our grips are designed to be worn up on the wrist snug against...