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10 Questions for Scott Panchik

by Victor Pellegrino on December 12, 2019

Is there anything that Scott Panchik doesn’t do well? We asked Scott about going team, beating Rich Froning, staying consistent after all these years and owning a gym. We also asked him about his most memorable CrossFit moment!

Q: Congratulations on being the newest team member of CrossFit Mayhem. What were your top reasons for going team?

A: Going team has always been a goal of mine. I played a lot of team sports growing up and l will love sharing the journey with others this season. Going team also allows me to be more present with my family, friends, and community at Crossfit Mentality.

Q: How did it feel to beat Rich Froning Jr. in Open workout 20.1?

A: Sharing the floor with Rich brought back a lot of great memories from competing against him at Regionals and the Crossfit Games. Coming away with a win is always a great feeling in anything you do in life.

Q: There are a lot of Grips out there. Why do you choose Victory Grips?

A: I choose Victory Grips because they are the very best and get the job done. My hands have been healthier than ever since making the switch.

Q: What are your favorite style and material of Victory Grips?

A: My favorite style of grips are the Stealth 3 Finger Grips.

Q: You are no stranger to the CrossFit Competition floor. What is your most memorable Games experience and why?

A: My most memorable moment was battling Mat Fraser in the Squat Clean Event in the 2019 Crossfit Games.

Q: Outside of functional fitness training, what other sports and/or activities do you enjoy?

A: I recently started swimming more, and I love going on hikes with my wife and dog.

Q: What do you think is the key that has kept you this consistent for this long?

A: Every year I come back from the Games I change a few things. I find it very important to surround yourself with people that push you to be better and bring out the very best in you. The sport will continue to evolve and I have always strived to do the same.

Q: Name an athlete you look up to and why.

A: I look up to my dad (David Panchik) who introduced me to Crossfit back in 2008 and is still doing it today!

Q: What is your favorite CrossFit movement? What is your least Favorite?

A: My favorite movement is a clean. My least favorite movement is long-distance running.

Q: How do you manage your time being a gym owner and an athlete? Are you able to coach classes and have a big presence in the gym?

A: I have a great team around me at Crossfit Mentality that has supported me as an athlete over the years. My wife and I run the gym together. If it wasn't for her I likely would not be competing. I coach classes, and will always have a presence in our gym. I see my self as a gym owner that competes in Crossfit, not the other way around.


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