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9 Questions for Elijah "EZ" Muhammad

by Anna Harrell on January 08, 2020

Q: When it comes to fitness, what is your main goal for 2020?
A: Strength some of my weaknesses that I have not focused on in the past. And maybe qualify for the games. Lol!

Q: What does the competition scene look like for you in 2020 and what is your most memorable moment competing thus far?
A: I will be doing 2-3 team competitions and 1 individual competition this season. Most memorable moment. There are too many to count. Some great ones!

Q: How about the seminar scene? Where can will we see you this year and how can we stay up-to-date?
A: I will be more stateside teaching my Lift Heavy Often Weightlifting Seminar this year. I will be in GA & CA in January. And for more updates follow me on IG EZ Muhammed Instagram or check out my website

Q: There are a lot of Grips out there. Why do you choose Victory Grips?
A: Actually I didn’t choose Victory Grips because of the Grips. I chose the company because of the owner. His character, dedication to fitness, and perfecting himself. But more so the quality of his heart. When I first met him I felt he was genuine. I think it was when Victory Grips was an idea. So years later when we linked up it was a no brainer. And then after using them, I said: “I’m all in!”

Q: What are your favorite style and material of Victory Grips?
A: Stealth Freedom or 3-Finger. Gotta have! And 2-Finger occasionally.

Q: Outside of functional fitness training, what other sports and/or activities do you enjoy?
A: Basketball. Love when I get time to shoot some hoops. And just anything with my kids.

Q: What do you think is the key that has kept you this consistent for this long?
A: A positive attitude. Finding good in everyone I meet, in every situation I’m in. Keeping my mind as healthy as possible. Praying, and knowing why I do what I do!

Q: What is your favorite CrossFit movement? What is your least favorite?
A: Snatch is my favorite and swimming is my least favorite.

Q: How do you manage your time being an educator and an athlete all while having a family?
A: The hardest thing ever. Everyone wants your time! And you want your time to do what you want. Idk how I get by, I have an urge to want to satisfy people and sometimes it backfires and sometimes it’s on point. Just doing my best and working hard. Hopefully, people see it understand it and continue to grow with me.


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