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Getting to Know Travis Mayer

by Victor Pellegrino on February 10, 2020

Q: When it comes to fitness, what is your main goal for 2020
A: My main goal for 2020 is to podium at the Games. Since we can qualify for the Games in October my main focus will be preparing me for that in August. I will do a few sanctioned events to see where I am at during the year but the end goal is to stay focused on the Games.

Q: What does the competition scene look like for you in 2020 and what is your most memorable moment competing thus far?
A: My upcoming plan is West Coast Classic, Granite Games and possibly Madrid on a team. My most memorable moment thus far would be when I qualified for the games in 2013 for the first time. Knowing all the hard work was worth it and if you put your mind to something you can accomplish it!

(Question from Social Media) Q: When did you know that you had what it takes to be a CrossFit Games athlete? Did you start excelling at CrossFit very early on or was it something that took a long time for you to develop?
A: When I started CrossFit back in 2010 I knew I had a love for the sport and was going to do everything in my power to get to the Games. From that moment of finding out about CrossFit, I changed my eating, I got a coach, I did 3-4 hours of mobility/position work a day and never looked back. I knew I had a good engine so that always came naturally for me, but the hard part was trying to get stronger while maintaining the engine. It takes a lot of hard work and consistency to be at the top in this sport, and to this day I am still working on weakness to just get the 1% better.

Q: There are a lot of Grips out there. Why do you choose Victory Grips?
A: I tried a lot of grips before Victory Grips and none of them would last. They would break at the wrist, they were to thin or just weren't as durable. With Victory Grips, not only were there different types of grips from leather, stealth, and tactical, they even have the option for how many finger holes you need to get the best grip on the bar to protect your hands. I have had the same pair of grips for over a year with no ripping and they are just as grippy on the bar as the first time. Knowing how much goes into the grips and how they are constantly trying to improve the products for athletes makes it the best brand of grips!

Q: What are your favorite style and material of Victory Grips?
A: My favorite is the 3 finger X2

Q: Outside of functional fitness training, what other sports and/or activities do you enjoy?
A: Riding bikes, rock climbing, and being able to play with my family outside.

Q: What do you think is the key that has kept you this consistent for this long?
A: Listening to my body and knowing when to take a break. My coach and I work very closely together to make sure we are getting the most out of training every day and when my body needs a break I take it and don't stress it. Having fun and just enjoying the process helps too!

(Question from Social Media) Q: What does your training look like day-to-day? How often do you do metcons? How often do you work on strength and gymnastics?
A: Typically I have a two-hour strength session in the morning 5 days a week followed by a metcon for my noon session and then my PM session is typically a longer workout, run or monostructural piece. I do this training 5 days a week with Thursday and Sundays off.

(Question from Social Media) Q: What did you learn from being on the Games Demo team?
A: The biggest take away I took from the demo team was the amount of pressure I put on myself as an athlete. When Dave would make us test a workout you would have 5 minutes to warm up if that and then just go, no thinking just do it. So sitting back and watching the athletes and the pressure we put on ourselves just never helped me personally. So now I just keep my focus on going out there giving it my best and whatever happens, happens!

(Question from Social Media) Q: If you were on a team, who would your teammates be?
A: Thats a good question, I would probably pick Will, Noah or Chandler from the males and for females Sara and Brooke.

(Question from Social Media) Q: Do you have any mobility drills you suggest for ankle flexibility other than the standard ones?
A: Other than the standard ones probably not, but I do really like placing a KB on your knee and moving the knee around to stretch out the ankle and calf.

(Question from Social Media) Q: What are your favorite drills to strengthen hips and glutes for more explosive movements?
A: Rear foot elevated split squats, lateral lunge work, and anything else single-leg related.


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