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GRIP TIP: Washing your STEALTH grips

by Victor Pellegrino on June 21, 2017
Your grips will get nasty as you know. No need to live with funk. Put them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle or hand wash them. Let them hang dry. The top left is before washing. The bottom right is after, chalked up ready to go. There is no effect on size nor performance from washing. 
by MATT on January 30, 2019

Hi guys,
First off I love my grips! I’m on my second pair of Stealth’s (second pair is a STEALTH X) anyway my question is what (if any) soap should be used on these to clean them, my original pair needs some care

by DeShone on January 02, 2019

My Stealth X grips are squeaking when I use them, how can I stop the squeaking? This started happening the second time I used them. There was no squeaking the first time.


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