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STEALTH vs Leather

by Victor Pellegrino on June 06, 2017

Our leather and STEALTH grips have very comparable grippy-ness on the bar. The deciding factor comes down to problems you are trying to solve and the way you want your grips to behave.

STEALTH grips are made of a high-performance microfiber that is 3 times stronger and lighter than leather with a higher abrasion resistance. Therefore, we are able to make these grips thinner than leather providing a barehanded natural feel and full protection. The STEALTH grips will not stretch like leather and will hold their shape more consistently. Additionally, they are breathable helping them deal with sweat very well. You can also wash STEALTH grips and they are vegan-friendly.

The athletes that prefer leather feel like they have more to grip into because of being a little thicker. There is also something about the feel of leather that some are accustomed to.

Athletes have discovered they like to have both leather and STEALTH grips at their disposal as they feel both have their benefits for different movements or apparatus. The STEALTH grips are all in the no-ring design are only offered in grey. Leather grips are offered an assortment of colors. 3-finger leather grips are offered in both ring and no-ring design. 


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