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Kati Breazeal Video: Breaking in your STEALTH Grips

by Victor Pellegrino on July 05, 2017

The two main features of this video are breaking in the Stealth grips and how to grip a bar correctly. The Stealth grips are made of a high-performance microfiber. Breaking up the fibers before is important to get maximum friction/grip. Remember to do this on the wrist portion before doing false grip work. The easiest way is to take a grip brush to the material. You can also rub the grips on the knurling of an Olympic bar. 

Notice the slack in the grips. This is going to provide the fold between the bar and your fingers to create an efficient grip and maximum protection of the calluses and fingers. To get the fold make sure you get your knuckles over the bar first hitting in the middle of the hand. This prevents bunching as well. Most of all, gripping this way puts your wrists and shoulders in a more stable and powerful position. Notice how using this grip also puts the rotation at the wrist and not in the palm which protects the skin of the palm and provides a more efficient movement. Remember all good movements start with proper positioning. On the bar and rings, it starts with the grip. 


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