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Kati Breazeal joins Victory Grips

by Victor Pellegrino on June 30, 2017

The main focus of Victory Grips is to be a true gymnastics brand within the functional fitness industry. Our goal is to help athletes perform gymnastics skills with power and efficiency. To achieve our mission Victory Grips has teamed up with Kati Breazeal of Breazeal Gymnastics to bring you weekly gymnastics instructional video content. Kati is an accomplished elite gymnast, instructor and experienced videographer making her the perfect person to collaborate with. The videos will be posted every Wednesday morning on Victory Grips social channels.

Kati Breazeal's bio:
"In terms of “gymnastics years”, you could say I got a late start in the sport. I took my first class at age nine and was immediately hooked. Even as a kid in elementary school, I knew I wanted gymnastics to be my livelihood.

My passion resulted in a 13-year career, five Junior Olympic National Championship appearances, a Junior Olympic Uneven Bars title, 23 broken bones, 1 surgery, and a full scholarship to compete for the University of Georgia.

During my four years as a GymDog, I earned a bachelors degree in Communication Studies and multiple Academic All-American honors. Once graduated— both academically and athletically— I decided to further my education, earning a masters degree in Sports Management and Policy.

When introduced to CrossFit, I thought it was fascinating that a single sport could encompass so many different entities. I was immediately drawn to the gymnastics and began giving classmates advice before and after training. I fell in love with helping athletes accomplish things they had never done. It brought me so much joy to see the excitement on their faces, that I knew I needed to share my personal experience and knowledge about the sport with anyone and everyone around me.

The goal of Breazeal Gymnastics is to educate athletes on how to use their bodies in the most efficient ways possible— Functional fitness skills, from an artistic gymnastics approach. It’s truly exciting to discover what your body is capable of when you move it correctly."
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