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How Should V-Series Fit?

by Victor Pellegrino on March 20, 2024

4 steps to wearing your V-Series Grips correctly

  • Wear your grips on the correct hands! 
    V-Series grips have left and right labels by the loops. Because our grips are designed specifically to fit your hands – they are not interchangeable and must be worn on the correct hands!
  • Grip Position. 
    Strap your grips at the base of the hand at the wrist. This acts as an anchor point. The V-Series grips are designed with just the right angle to fit your wrist. When you position them at the base of the hand, they’ll feel extremely comfortable and supportive.
  • Secure them tight! 
    Strap the grips as tightly as possible. This is essential in the V-Series design to prevent side-to-side movement and give you the most support possible. 
  • Trim excess strap. 
    If you have excess strap, take a pair of scissors and trim it just outside the stitching. You can use a lighter on the outside to help prevent fraying.

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