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GRIP TIP: Proper Way to Wear Your Victory Grips

by Victor Pellegrino on October 02, 2017

WEARING THE GRIPS: There is a technique to wearing grips correctly. Many people do not know the this unless they were a gymnast at one point. Therefore, at first impression, the grips may appear too big despite sizing correctly. Swipe through the photos to see a detailed explanation to understand this technique and what to expect the grips should look and feel like when wearing them. 

ALL of our grips are designed to be worn up on the wrist snug against the bottom of the palm, also to have slack in the palm area in order to be able to provide a fold of material over the bar creating a "dowel effect". Therefore, the grips are not designed to fit tight on the palm like a second skin. The dowel effect is what helps you get a really efficient grip and helps take pressure off the calluses to prevent ripping. We have videos on that also provides this information.


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