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V Series Men's Tactical2.0 3-FC
V Series Men's Tactical2.0 3-FC
V Series Men's Tactical2.0 3-FC
V Series Men's Tactical2.0 3-FC
V Series Men's Tactical2.0 3-FC
V Series Men's Tactical2.0 3-FC

V Series Men's Tactical2.0 3-FC

$ 68.00

Tactical 2.0 3-Finger HIGHLIGHTS

Full Coverage

Natural Feel

Ultra-Thin & Grippy


    V-Series is designed to hug your wrist and evenly distribute force at just the right angle, giving you the most comfortable, durable, and supportive grip design ever.

    Tactical 2.0 has a super thin design that provides maximum grip on the outside and a smooth, comfortable surface on the inside. It is a no-fray, ultra-responsive grip allowing a natural hand feel and an increased sense of control.

    The 3-Finger protects you from ripping across all fingers and gives you total palm coverage – so your hands stay rip-free inside the gym and ready for whatever you do outside of the gym.

    *Due to the extreme thinness, this material is not for athletes over 185 pounds.    Use of the grips by individuals over the weight recommendation will void the warranty.

    **3-Finger grips are designed and intended to be used with fingers through the finger holes.  These grips are not designed to be flapped over the bar and used as fingerless.  Use of the grips without utilizing the finger holes will void the warranty.

    • Thickness: 1.22mm
    • Protection: Moderate
    • Rep Scheme Volume: Low to Medium
    • Environmental Condition: Hot & Cold
    • Bar Type: Powder Coated Bars, No Chalk

    General Care: Hand wash or use a delicate machine cycle–detergent only–then air dry.

    Spot cleaning: Wipe down the black rubber side with either straight white vinegar or rubbing alcohol to strip off any residue. 


    Shipping: Allow 1-3 Business Days for Order Processing. $80 Minimum for International Orders.

    Returns: Grips are eligible for exchange or return within 60 days of purchase providing the grips are in original packaging and unworn (free of chalk, water, dirt, sweat or any other substance).

    Return shipping labels will be provided and there will be a $7 handling fee assessed for all Exchanges/Returns. Applicable refund or exchange shipment will be processed once the original order is received by Victory Grips. If processing an exchange, there is no charge for the shipment of the exchange. If grips are received not in original packaging and new condition, a $10 service fee will be deducted from the return or charged prior to the exchange. Please click HERE to initiate your return or exchange.


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    Super Thin & Grippy

    Get ready for a natural hand feel and an increased sense of control with this super thin, comfortable, ultra-responsive grip.


    True Versatility

    The 3-Full Coverage style combines full-coverage protection and true versatility. We engineered this design to prevent the grips from twisting during movements without compromising comfort and dexterity.


    Maximum Torque

    Get ready to maximize your body mechanics. Length is provided in the palm to fold over the bar and form the dowel effect. This feature allows you to lock in your grip and experience more power, more grip endurance, and more room to surpass your limits.