Sizing Guidelines


Start at the base of your middle finger ­(where the finger meets the palm). Measure to the base of the palm (where the palm meets the wrist; the line where your hand bends at the wrist).

The measurement is in inches. 


If you measure between sizes we recommend you buy the larger size. Women with bigger hands may want to consider buying men's grips. For more information check out our FAQs.

women's sizing chart men's sizing chart

If the grips are not used and free of chalk, water, and sweat, you can return them for a refund or exchange. Please email us regarding your request at For exchanges, we will have you mail the grips back to us while we will ship you the preferred product. For returns, we will issue a refund upon receipt of the unused product. We stand behind our product and care about our customers. If your grips are damaged from normal use within 6 weeks please contact us for a replacement. If an issue occurs outside of this timeframe and you think your situation is unique please contact us at We will work with you.