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Different by Design

Victory Grips are not your cookie-cutter CrossFit Grips. We specialize in creating innovative grips with an athletic-centric design.

Ergonomic Design

The curvilinear shape on the palm allows for natural articulation.

Dowel Effect

Length is provided in the palm to form a fold of material to lock in your grip and create maximum torque, increasing performance.*

*Dowel effect does not apply to Freedom Grips

False Grip

Protection and traction on the side of the wrist in the false grip.


Coverage for the specific areas of vulnerability.


Styles and Materials specifically engineered for CrossFit.

I always had trouble stringing things together on the bar because I lost my grip. These grips have been a game changer – I can go unbroken now!

– guccagee

Utility Patent

(Patent # US9643073)

A utility patent protects the functional aspects of an article, i.e., the way the article works and is used, whereas a design patent only protects the ornamental appearance of an article, such as its shape, configuration and/or its surface ornamentation.

One Grip Does Not Fit All


Difference in men’s hands vs women’s hands.


High quality materials designed to withstand your toughest workouts.


Different workouts require different grips. We’ve got you covered.