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What if Functional Fitness was an Olympic Sport?

by Victor Pellegrino on July 11, 2017

If you have not heard, there is a legitimate grassroots effort underway to make functional fitness an Olympic sport. The International Functional Fitness Federation (IF3) @internationalfunctionalfitness has made some significant initial steps with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Currently the national federations around the globe are being formed to set up the infrastructure for the sport. This includes the already established@usafunctionalfitness whose chairman is @opexfitness founder James FitzGerald. The current focus is setting up the governance of the sport for its continued legitimacy and prosperity. The IF3 and USAFF are seeking the help of athletes and coaches with various opportunities to get involved including at the organizational level.

The first USAFF National Competition is being held September 8-10 in Colorado Springs to find the top 12 men and women to be on the National Team. These athletes will go on to represent the USA at the IF3 World Competition in October. On the USA Functional Fitness Facebook page is a video of a live talk by @jfitzopex providing great information about the vision, programming, judging, and governance. 

Check out the IF3 and USAFF websites for more information. You can also register on the USAFF site to become a member and register to compete. This is a chance to join the conversation at a grassroots level and help a vision that is bigger than ourselves.
Victory Grips is a proud sponsor of the USAFF National Competition.


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