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Sam Cournoyer Freedom Grips

Sam Cournoyer - X2 Freedom Grips

The X2 Freedom grips are now available in a custom look specifically created to represent Victory Grips’ athlete Sam Cournoyer.
Shipping will begin at the beginning of November.

A portion of the profits goes to Sam.


Win My Life
Win My Life (WML) is Sam's personal saying that motivates him to be his best. This is his "why" he discovered through the extensive exploration of the Mayhem Mindset training.

Bison Head
The bison is Sam's "spirit animal" representing grit, "doing the work", sacrifice, and a head first approach.

Canada/USA Icon
Represents Sam's roots as a Canadian and the time he spent training as a team member of Mayhem Freedom in Cookeville, TN.

Simply because it is Sam's favorite color.


Style: Freedom

Optimized for fast transitions, this style gives you the freedom to flex between gymnastic-based movements and bare hand movements without skipping a beat.

Material: X2

Soft, vegan-friendly material that is breathable even in the most humid environments. X2 will keep you cool and comfortable through all of your gymnastic movements.


Measure your hand from the tip of your middle finger to the crease just below your palm. Women with bigger hands may want to consider buying men’s grips.

When in doubt between two sizes always size up.

Victory Grips Size Guide