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Choose Your Grips Matrix

In an effort to help you better understand which grips perform best in a given scenario, we have designed this Grip Matrix.
You can learn more about the reasons Victory Grips designs different grip styles and utilizes different grip materials.


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Victory Grips - Leather Material
Moderately Soft
Hot, Cold
*Speal Bars (bare steel)
Powder Coated
  • Leather Grips are the original OG. They require a moderate break-in period and will become softer over time.
  • They have the best coefficient of friction on Speal Bars, but also perform well on powder coated bars. These are a great choice for beat up and sore hands and high volume workouts.
  • Leather being a natural material has variations in thickness and texture. However, we do our best to keep the thickness in an acceptable range and match each grip to make sure texture is consistent between left and right
  • Leather stretches about a half inch over time
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Victory Grips - X2 Material
Humid, Hot, Cold
Powder Coated, Speal Bars (bare steel)
  • X2 is a synthetic microfiber, vegan friendly and washable. It is micropourous; therefore, it is breathable and does well in humid envrionments
  • The thickness and softness is very comfortable and is great for beat up and sore hands. The coefficient of friction is good on both powder coated and Speal Bars.
  • The X2 is a great overall material for both performance and protection. It requires no break-in period and will not stretch, although it does have an small elastic quality.
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Victory Grips - Tactical Material
Barehanded Natural Dexterity
Low to Medium High
Rainy, Hot, Cold
*Powder Coated
Speal Bars (bare steel)
  • Tactical is the thinnest grip and is meant for when you want to go hard and fast, especially in a competition setting. The thin profile allows for a natural dexterity.
  • The woven material on the hand side is to provide as much protection and abrasion resistance possible due to how thin and grippy the Tactical are. A rubber compound is on the bar side, designed to grip into powder coated bars very aggressively.
  • They are also a good grip for Speal Bars. You will not need to chalk up as much with the Tactical; however, chalk is still recommended to enhance the grip and keep sweat oils from accumulating on the rubber compound.
  • Some athletes are fine with doing high volume workouts like Murph wearing the Tactical, but may not be the best choice when your hands are sore.
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3 Finger Full Coverage (3-FC) Grips
Full Protection
  • Full coverage should not feel limiting. We engineered this style to prevent the grips from twisting during movements without compromising comfort and dexterity.
  • The 3-Finger protects from ripping across all fingers giving you total palm coverage inside the gym for whatever you do outside of the gym.
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2 Finger Grips
Rings, Kettlebells, Minimalist
  • The 2 finger style has a narrow profile that is perfect for rings because it will not bunch up the sides and provide a good hand connection. The narrow profile also allows you to get both hands into the handle of a kettlebell without bunching providing a surprising good grip for those deep sets of kettlebell swings.
  • Some athletes like a very minimalist grip on the pull-up bar, needing something just to enhance their grip for pull-ups and bar muscle ups without the desire or need for much protection.
  • The 2 fingers are a good pair to have in your arsenal of grips because of their specificity.
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Fingerless Freedom Grips
Fast Transitions
  • The fingerless style (also known as Freedoms) are designed for fast transitions between gymnastics skill where you need grips to other skills such as double unders where you need to be barehand.
  • These grips are specifically design to ensure durability and safety. It is not recommended to use 3 finger grips as fingerless as they are too long which could cause lock-up resulting in injury. Additionally, the 3 finger design does not provide enough durability when being used as fingerless grips.
  • The grips with finger holes will lock you into the bar more than the fingerless because the finger holes actually push your fingers into the bar. However, the grip of fingerless is very efficient when transition time is crucial. Freedoms (fingerless) are a must have in addition to grips with the finger holes.
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