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How to use Victory Grips for Maximum Power

by Victor Pellegrino on March 19, 2016

In my previous post I discussed how to grip the bar or rings properly with knuckles on top (neutral false grip) for shoulder health and more powerful movement. Here, I am going to explain how to use your Victory Grips properly so they will not only protect your hands, but also help you create an even more powerful grip.


When you grip the bar using your Victory Grips, the most important thing to do is make sure you get the fold of leather between your fingers and the bar. What this does is two crucial things. One, it takes the pressure off your calluses. When you grip the bar properly (knuckles on top / neutral false grip) without grips, your calluses will get pinched between your fingers and the bar. This actually helps you hold on better. However, this can also be uncomfortable.

Additionally, if your calluses get too big or you start to have improper mechanics in your kip, you may rip. By getting the fold of the grip between the bar and your fingers this will act like a sort of biomimicry by doing the function of your calluses making the movement much more comfortable.

The second reason for the fold is that it helps you hold on with more efficiency and more power. As you grab the bar, first make contact with the bar in the middle of your palm getting your pinky knuckle on top ensuring you get the fold. As you wrap your fingers around and settle into your position you should feel your grip lock. It should feel really solid and secure. What the fold is doing is creating, even more, torque around the bar, which will translate into even more power in gymnastics movements. Not to mention the fold takes up the excess leather to prevent “bunching” underneath your palm.

The grips will inevitably tighten around your wrist with this technique. Although we have designed the grips to be as comfortable as possible around the wrist while still guaranteeing durability with the one-piece design, you may want to use wristbands underneath your grips for even more comfort. This is a common practice amongst gymnast, because of the forces of the movements pull up on the grips around the wrist. Just make sure when using wristbands have them crossover the wrist joint so that they fully cover the wrist for maximum comfort.


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