As a Gift

You are trying to get someone you care about a good pair of grips for this crazy fitness sport they are involved in because they seem to always have messed up hands. You may not have any idea what you are looking for in order to make a smart decision. Here is the objective information you need to know about choosing the right grips. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions!

  1. Do they cover the areas where calluses and rips occur?

    Rips are injuries to the skin resulting from friction in a specific area on the hand. Athletes typically experience rips under the middle, ring and index fingers, as well as the middle of the palm. There is also a spot on the little finger side of the wrist due to a certain gripping technique on the rings called a false grip. Grips should cover these areas. Our patent pending design covers these without being excessive to ensure protection and proper movement of the hand.

  2. Material type, texture and thickness.

    Grips predominately come in leather, but there are also cloth fiber and rubber products on the market. Leather is the most proven material as it is the material for the grips that Olympic gymnasts wear because of durability. For CrossFit™, traditional gymnastics grips are too thick. Thickness of the material is important to CrossFitters to be able to have a good grip feel on the bar or rings. However, if the material is too thin it will cause uncomfortable bunching between the hand and the bar. We use leather that is nearly half the thickness of traditional gymnastics grips, which still allows for proper protection and function while thick enough to not bunch up in your hand while doing pull ups.

  3. Fit

    Like clothing proper fit when it comes to grips is extremely important. Men and women may have the same palm length dependent on the on the individuals height, but women have a more narrow palm width. Current grips for the CrossFit™ market are sized according palm length are unisex and will inevitably not be the deal fit for every individual, especially women. Victory Grips are the only grips for functional fitness that have designs for men and women to increase the best possibly fit for all.